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WinGate FAQ

WinGate is a proxy server and firewall software package that allows multiple users simultaneous access only through a connection Internet. I use it in the process of collection, summarizes some small experience, is dedicated to you "size."

Q: Client QQ, network flashget Ant and how to set?

A: First confirmed WinGate server is enabled by default Socks proxy service, QQ client preferences in the network settings tab, find the proxy settings, select the "Use Socks5 proxy server", "Proxy server address" enter WinGate server's IP address, the default port is 1080, such as the WinGate server to allow anonymous access to optional user name and password, press the test button, if you can over the line through.
Netants, Flashget set method similar to the "Options" settings find the "Agent" tab, add a "proxy server", enter the server address, port type and port number (FTP port default is 21) , must be noted that even if the server does not offer Socks, and FTP proxy services can use the HTTP proxy port (default 80), and then set it to "Default Proxy" button.

Q: What applications to install WinGate client?

A: The need for a direct Internet connection without support Socks proxy service programs (such as NetMeeting) need to install the WinGate Client software. In the WinGate client configuration is successful, the client application should be configured to direct Internet connection, but no longer need to configure proxy server parameters. As the LAN only WinGate server has a valid WAN IP, can only call other people using NetMeeting, or receive calls within the LAN can not accept calls from the Internet.

Q: OE and Foxmail how to send and receive E-mail settings?

A: OE and use the client to receive e-mail settings Foxmail easier POP3 server mail program is set to WinGate server's IP address, attention should POP3 account in the "@" symbol to crosswise " "such as your original account is" ", be changed to" user # ". However, mail has some problems, WinGate's SMTP proxy can only set up a server, which means you have to find a letter of the SMTP server allows anonymous to ensure that the LAN users to use different mail letters, so best to own build an SMTP server on the server.

Q: I have IIS installed WinGate server to use port 80, the WWW service can be modified into WinGate as another port?

A: Yes, as long as no other server on port conflict on the line. In fact, modify the port there are other useful, for example, you do not want to let other people use QQ but do not want to influence their use, the Socks in the server port set to other numbers. Some SMTP port by increasing the number of SMTP servers to resolve the problem letter, but the server and the client set a lot of trouble.

Q: WinGate server cache (Cache) is set too bigger better?

A:. Because the hard disk is increasingly becoming the bottleneck of the whole system, Cache is too large, more clients concurrent access to the server hard disk will cause congestion, the current mainstream models (CPU: P 鈪?800MHz, memory: 128MB) according to number of users and access to custom settings for the 100MB ~ 200MB is enough.

Q: Why browse the server where the content can not be added to the Cache?

A: First of all, the server must also like the same client can be WinGate Internet through a proxy cache, followed by some pages (such as ASP, PHP) dynamically to access Internet, generally can not be saved in the Cache.

Q: How WinGate server to filter out undesirable sites?

A: WinGate server side in a strategic (Policies) to filter sites. But take note, WinGate support the transfer of HTTP to Socks, Socks proxy service must be both in the application of the policy. Setting an example with the following? Quot; sex "site filter string.

The first step: in the WWW proxy service in the establishment of a strategy

By Administrator log on to the Gatekeeper, double-click Services (Services) tab of the WWW Proxy Service (WWW proxy service) to edit. Selection strategy (Policies) tab, the default rights (System policies) option, choose to ignore (Are ignored). Click Add (Add), select "All" radio button (Everyone) as an acceptable strategy for users. Click the ban list of labels (Ban list), click open the prohibited list of options (Enable ban list option). Click Add (Add), restrict a specific site, click This criterion is met if, select the HTTP URL, in the middle of the input box, select "contains" (Contains from the list). In the last input box, type "sex", increase the other to join the list of prohibited content, save your settings.

Step Two: Application Strategy

Double-click the Socks proxy service, select Socks Advanced (Advanced) tab, the HTTP protocol option, select the Use following policy button. Then the next menu, select the WWW Proxy server entries, click OK and save.

Q: Set the "use dial", the why, when access to LAN resources, WinGate also dial-up?

A: This is a request from the workstation by the DNS query result, even if these queries are in the local network (such as query the LAN computer name or shared printer name) will trigger the automatic dialing WinGate, by prohibiting DNS request to allow dial-up solution. By Administrator log on to the Gatekeeper, in the "System" tab, double-click the DNS service (DNS service), the General (General) tab close "to allow start dialing request (Allow request to initiate)" option, click OK, Save your settings.

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"2009 National College Venture Competition" held at the North District semi-final in Beijing

June 12, 2009, the Ministry of Education and China Education Council Information Kingdee Software (China) Limited jointly hosted the "2009 National College Venture Competition," Northern District semi-final was held at Beijing Jiaotong University, teams from Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong, Shanxi, Hebei, Henan, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, 10 provinces and cities, including Tsinghua University, Capital University of Economics, Beijing Jiaotong University, Tianjin University, Shanxi University of Finance and other support, including more than 50 homes School teams will compete for the national finals of the 12 common cards.

With the employment of college graduates in recent years, the severe situation, entrepreneurship education has been more and more attention and emphasis. Ministry of Education "in 2008 on the initiative to do well the work of universities and colleges graduates notice" clearly states that encourage and promote all the universities from 2008 to create employment guidance will be compulsory or elective, the implementation of "college graduates start operations "Enterprises for employment. Ministry of Education, this document has been widely supported by national universities.

In order to better promote the work, the Ministry of Education and Information Council and the China Kingdee Software (China) Co., Ltd. jointly organized the "2009 National College Venture Competition," and opened the official website (http://ubc.youshang . com) real-time reporting the progress of activities. Competition aims to standardize the system of business coaching and business simulation platform to contest the true reproduction of the social environment in the form of business must go through various problems, so that students at no cost, no risk to accept the test of the social environment, so that students with entrepreneurial awareness, promote entrepreneurship, and ultimately create employment opportunities for students. Competition received warm response from colleges and universities across the country, over 500 participating institutions, in terms of both size and influence in 2009 called the most watched college sports events.

Intense competition in the tense atmosphere had begun. The two-day competition, since the start of the race into the white-hot state, the team members as if those who have entered the business, the role of managers in a simulated business environment strategist. 13 pm, after fierce competition, the team all the way Shenyang University Phi hurdles spine, eventually won the first place; Hebei Economic and Trade University and Jilin University team divided by two, three. They will work with representatives of the other nine teams in the North District, Shenzhen University to participate in July held at the National Finals.

Ministry of Education official said, to enhance the quality of enterprise education to help students "have the entrepreneurial awareness and create employment opportunities", have already become an important part of higher education. Northern District Pioneering Competition for local university students provides a full range of practice and training and enhance the overall quality of the opportunity to promote entrepreneurship and employment, students will have a positive and far-reaching impact.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Zhang Jiguang couple: failure is the spiral

One day in 1998, Shenzhen rain. Fifty years old for Zhang Jiguang and his wife Ma for the people standing in the streets of Shenzhen, mind blank, dry in the rain missed the end of the bag, holding only just sorted out from the company's personal information and items. They were China Business Information Network Board of lightning and clear the management positions.

The couple had founded a three-year business, in the upcoming time, so suddenly become someone else's child. Horse people seriously ill.

One day in 2004, six years ago, the scene played itself out. Zhang and Ma 6-year single-handedly founded the business network in China (China Enterprise) lightning to clear out two. This time is different, in Chang and Ma out of the same time, one after another with out dozens of employees, they take the initiative to give favorable treatment to Chinese enterprises network, dedicated to follow Zhang and Ma to create a new world.

One day in November 2006, Beijing, Ming million Network headquarters, the chairman and general manager Zhang Jiguang horse people, sitting in the office about those two incidents, and a moderate tone. They never think that is failure, but a spiral process, each better than the previous.

The first sea of people

The last century, the early 80s, graduated from Tsinghua University, Mrs. Ma Weimin Zhang Jiguang and alumni, all state organs have taken a good job. Time, the months of research Zunhua Zhang Hebei, was discovered in the barren hills and idle, there is an urge to take down the great work of barren hills and contracting. Limited by time and policy constraints, Zhang did not pay.

Zhang is not a law-abiding person. That year, the state introduced the policy called for personnel of state organs play of light and heat, to help countries achieve economic development. He knew his chance. In research laboratories, Zhang, Yucheng Li in the research of a project to promote computer application, one year after the creation of 20 million in value, though, Zhang did not benefit from a share of what, but he realized his ability to So decided to leave the state organs to the community try again.

Out of the greenhouse and takes courage. Zhang Jiguang calculations: at current income levels and development of the future, the rest of the 200,000 yuan from the state to enjoy the treatment, but their own will create 20 million a year value. That being the case, why not go away and try, Zhang Jiguang feel "dawn, wings, and can fly," and excitement resolutely resigned to become "the first sea of people."

Zhang Jiguang origin researchers apparently did not business talent, after 10 years to the sea, billowing smoke signals, rampant speculation, Zhang kind man and did not achieve their expected value.

The emergence of the Internet provides an opportunity for Zhang Jiguang. "Than the market maturity, enterprise system modernization, China, Europe and the United States the gap between countries for several decades, hundreds of years, and the Internet, but 23-year gap, this is our opportunity." On all the new things are very sensitive Zhang Jiguang decision a successful career through the Internet, and to work at the State Science Commission wife dragged into the water, with the business.

10 years of dedicated

A scene deeply seared Zhang Jiguang mind: the beginning of the last century, a "Fair" after the foreigners outside the twos and threes, portable huge nylon child, filled with Chinese companies at the gathering of information, delays homes to leave. The eyes of the world watching, China has just opened, they urgently need to understand the Chinese enterprises have great interest in the Chinese market. Zhang Jiguang found a treasure of information asymmetry. Second year of "Fair", Chang holding a box of CD-ROM, to 5,000 dollars per sold for foreigners, which are sheets in the past year, data collected from Chinese enterprises, and translated into English, astonishingly good sales .

And contacts in the process of Chinese enterprises, Zhang found that they have to sell out their own wishes, and Zhang Jiguang determine the most efficient and effective way is the Internet.

In 1995, Zhang Jiguang founded the China Business Information Network (CBR), determined to introduce Chinese companies to go abroad. Meanwhile, for the construction of Chinese enterprises providing Internet services to enterprises to apply for domain names, build, maintain and promote the site. This done, is 10 years. Chinese enterprises from the CBR to the network and then to Ming million Network, Zhang Jiguang 10 years doing the same thing. Time, they founded two companies have been someone else, "adoption", still firm and persistent. Is the age of the Internet bubble, he still go its own way, free from temptation, therefore, in the bubble era, Zhang Jiguang business can stand tall without hesitation.

Tsinghua graduate of Zhang Jiguang radio, for the market to judge their own "stubborn." The end of the century, the Internet surging, "the Internet is free of charge" concept enjoys popular support. Are many Chinese companies to apply for free domain name, web site set up mushroomed, which charges corporate network in China is undoubtedly the fatal blow. The concept of those sites, through "free" and advertising to attract enough hits and eyeballs, then even this to market financing.

Zhang Jiguang think do not understand, only to Chinese companies to apply for a domain name, build a simple website, without providing any value-added services, you can click the volume with just the concept of listing, there is a problem. He firmly believed that: services are valuable, no fee will not be able to establish the true relationship between services and by services and obligations. In this way, Zhang blank is holding on to the advent of the day the bubble, making it the largest Internet service early revenue companies, and create a face to face sales of services to China's Internet model. After the Internet bubble collapsed in the winter, their business is not only not been frozen, but success of China's largest enterprise Internet application services company.

"Now, come to think that the bubble may then do not know, only that there was no service, there is no reason to make money. I do not care for the first time how much money from their customers back, but be sure to get back the money, do not provide free services . "This is Zhang Jiguang on the" profit "interpretation of the word.

With credit for life

Zhang Jiguang business is one of the players on the capital market is not the line.

When Chinese companies want to expand the size of network, when an investor there, two hit it off to reach an agreement, the person to acquire 60% stake in Chang. Even if there was failure of the first CBR experience, for a controlling stake, Zhang was not too much to consider, as long as the company can do, other do not care. Agreement on the day in the afternoon, another man appeared, who should buy ten times higher than the former network of Chinese enterprises. This fever of those years on the Internet is not rare.

Zhang worry, though, and the former is an informal agreement reached, but that is promised to people before, go back on later, there is no credibility, but the price was too poor. Zhang Jiguang to two sons studying in the United States called, opened a long-distance, "the Fourth Plenary Session" (there is a big deal, Zhang Jiguang couples and two sons to sit down and vote, dubbed "the Fourth Plenary Session"). Son said: "Small may be better than big." Eldest son said: "The good man rewarded."

Since then the fact that, Zhang Jiguang get credit, but also paid a high price.

Zhang Jiguang that, in addition to credit, the so-called gains and losses, are not really any failure or combat. Ming-million net today looking better and better, look at many of the Internet industry is being accompanied by staff or their own entrepreneurial young people are brought up on his own, and now all the support one day, Zhang Jiguang am greatly pleased and satisfaction. It is said that Zhang Jiguang the "Whampoa Wang Jiao" principal. Zhang Jiguang said, not so much that we are entrepreneurs, teachers we feel we are more like. "Shu Liye" is Zhang Ming Wan's a special culture.

Has over his sixtieth of Zhang Jiguang said: "We never considered herself the age of 60, but 50-year-old, ten years we have experienced the Cultural Revolution to get rid of that decade we have to earn it back."

Today, Zhang Jiguang couple, and horse people, old mother, Zhang old father of two sons (both in Ming million net work), and daughter, and grandson, living under the same roof. Eat breakfast every day, companies work together. Say this, the couple faces are full of happiness. "Others did not dare to do so by other people can not stand sin, not to earn money other people earn." Recognized years ago, the couple are friends from the media to give their words.

Now, get Softbank Asia Investment Ming million, has no worries. He is currently the focus is how to do business, how to market bigger, "listed before the Beijing Olympics, then you can retire."

End of the interview, Zhang Jiguang journalists are invited to listen to the song of their businesses, a couple who do not think the softly sing along with, very committed. When we out of the office and found that several employees did not consciously follow the whispered hum together, face to meet the relaxed look.

Zhang Jiguang,

Ming-million Information Technology Company Limited.

Ma Weimin,

The company's general manager.

Couple graduated from Tsinghua University Department of Radio 2 per capita. Created in 1995, China Business News (CBR); 1998 founded the Chinese enterprise network performance up to 3 million; Ming million Network was founded in 2004, and the rapid development of 30 branches, nearly 3,000 people in the service team. Softbank Asia in 2005 was injected, Ming-million expected to be available in early 2008.

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The definition of the quality of political and emotional associations with the color of it?

Quality is a familiar word in everyday life, people's understanding of quality is sometimes very simple, that is "good" and "bad" distinction, or "good and bad" level. The definition of quality, in academia or industry, it has become not so easy, there are different definitions and more controversy. On the definition of quality the better known are:

鈼?Quality Master Juran (Joseph M. Juran): Quality is fitness (Fitness for Use).

鈼?Genichi Taguchi (Genichi Taguchi): the so-called quality, is the after-market losses to society.

鈼?ISO 8492: Quality is the product or service capacity to meet the needs expressed or implied by the set of features and characteristics.

鈼?ISO 9000 (2000 Edition): Quality is a set of inherent characteristics meet the requirements of the degree.

鈼?IEEE: quality systems, components or process to meet the specific needs and customer needs or expectations of different levels.

These definitions are relatively objective, emphasized the product (or service) and client / community needs consistency. Software and systems thinker Weinberg that "the definition of the quality of the Federation with the political (administrative) and emotional color", there is some truth to meet many people, but not appropriate, not necessarily to be established more easily the emergence of "quality" to understand some new errors.

All things exist in the world ("Xanadu" is almost non-existent in reality), more or less certain of the social, this social nature of things is bound to cast a level of political or emotional color. In most cases, this color is not necessary to study the essence of things. The quality, emotion may be considered as part of customer needs - emotional needs, but as the two examples cited by Weinberg, basically there is no such feelings, the main product features to meet user requirements or the degree. Many people believe that "technology is neutral," it is not completely true, and often laced with political color or emotion, such as in the software industry, there is an "anti-Microsoft" of the Union, in this league, people No matter what application development, using only J2EE/J2SE architecture, and will not think about. Net framework. But when we study the technical architecture, technical architecture training, you should focus on all aspects of the technology itself, such as scalability, compatibility, maintainability, rather than dwell on the kind of "emotional."

Quality of the political (administrative) and emotional color, not the quality of their own property, but the customer's property. It is in the "quality" of the indirect expression, is derived from the relative nature of quality. "There is relative customers", scholars have recognized the quality of all this. No customers, no quality. I often lecture or training, the use of "quality is customer satisfaction," explains that the quality is. "Quality is customer satisfaction" expressed more clearly and customers of this dependence, more user-friendly, but also measurable.

"A series of decision-making" more can not be "always with the definition of the quality of the political (administrative) and emotional color," the basis for argument. Decision-making is sometimes correct, sometimes against the quality of law is an erroneous decision, ultimately lead to business failure.

It is the quality of customer property, determines the quality of different perspectives, different levels and different areas and even different feelings, etc., because the customer's classification, characteristics:

鈼?different customers: external customers and internal customers, large customers and general customers, key customers (VIP) and non-critical clients, direct clients and indirect clients.

鈼?Customer's timing: In the past customers, current customers, future (potential) customers. We often spend a lot of energy is the mining potential customers, and potential customer's main job is to try to guess the thought of their needs and expectations. Today's Internet market, which is especially evident.

鈼?customers in common and opposite sex. Attendant enthusiasm, demand for services in general is a common, but not necessarily applicable to all. With the development of computer technology, banking and insurance industry is seeking a personalized service, in the final analysis is to try to meet different user needs and customer expectations in line, rather than the emotional and political needs.

鈼?Customer's Social: religion, ethnic customs,

The quality of different point of view, it is also reflected from the side of the different needs of customers. Such as project managers, programmers, testers and other software quality expectations are different, thus the quality of the existence of different attitudes and different interpretations. Manufacturers, contractors, vendors, etc., on the quality of different requirements, the quality of the natural existence of different interpretations.

Therefore, the most important attribute is the quality - customer and customer-dependent relative. In addition, there are still economic quality, measurability, predictability, timeliness and so on. On an enterprise, the quality of economy, testability and predictability are also important. Future opportunities, will discuss the quality of these attributes.


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CLP brewing Putian Information Industry restructuring is expected to resume merger

China's information industry restructuring state-owned enterprise groups, the two templates - China Electronics Corporation (the "CLP") and China Putian Group (hereinafter referred to as "Celebration") is preparing to merge.

According to publicly available information, the end of 2003, total assets of CLP 396 billion yuan, Putian to 33.74 billion yuan. Once the merger of the two sides will play more than 70 billion yuan create a large-scale enterprise groups.

Yesterday (8), the reporter interviewed several senior Putian, they all heard that really matter, but details unclear.

SAC Planning Board told a reporter earlier this year before the Spring Festival, the SAC discussed in internal meetings the issue of electronic manufacturing industry restructuring, consolidation of state assets hope to achieve manufacturing economies of scale. He said: "This year, the operation industry and electronics industry restructuring is the decision-making optimization of the two ideas."

It is also in this line of thinking, this year in April, the SASAC started brewing two specific information on the feasibility of merging industry giants.

It is reported that as part of restructuring, SASAC and the relevant departments are the selection of new business group leader, has also been a preliminary delineation of several candidates. Among them, the deputy director of the State Council Information Office Chen Dawei is likely to take over the helm of one. David Chen previously served as vice governor of Guizhou Province, in charge of information industry to work in the field with considerable experience and ability.

Restructuring state-owned enterprises combined to save market

National Development and Reform Commission, an official said, the SAC program eventually take the merger, mainly because of Putian and CLP's own restructuring process has been delayed due.

He said the former president of Putian Ouyangzhongmou in office, had hoped to withdraw all of Prudential's two legal entities, which become a legal person, to strengthen the Group's control of power. At that time, he urged the integration of the same brand of measures from the Bird, Eastcom, Capitel and other powerful enterprise start.

Later appointed Xing Wei, the "controversial and had little effect in the mode of operation is not keen." July 2004, Xing Wei, the pilot reform of the 14 delineated by a wholly owned companies are Putian, "as wholly owned, the resistance within the knife can be minimized."

"These ideas are 'a thunder without rain''. From the internal point of view, the stagnant status quo so that staff confidence has been shaken; view from the outside world, has been subjected to' internal operation is still in the stage of negative evaluation'', etc. impact. "

Macroeconomic Research Institute of NDRC experts WANG Xue-qing, said, "Celebration of the root body for restructuring similar to the industry cluster, the three issues must be resolved before the restructuring: subordinate status of the different subsidiaries operate; property complex; restructuring varies. "

Ministry of Information Industry Policy and Regulation Department, an official of that, even if the details of the program eventually will be, due to their numerous subsidiaries, the interests involved in all aspects of the operation very difficult.

Currently, Prudential has the most focus on three business unit. A high-level sources in Putian, Putian announced the formation of three business after the official launch of its operations has, in personnel, recruitment will be based society in the past two months, basically completed the appointment and dismissal of cadres.

The executives believe that "internal restructuring and is now operational, personnel, rapid on-line, it makes Putian possible merger in the future have certain advantages."

However, the details can not be ignored is that in the end of last year and announced 49 confirmed SAC central enterprise owners (first) list, Putian accident get the job, the CLP will top the popular list.

Who has held senior positions in the power of knowledge believe that the similarities between the CLP and Putian too many: First of all, the same hands are heavy corporate restructuring, the same is to complete the head office to the enterprise management industry change; Secondly, has a dazzling similar resources, has been advocating diversification of the target market.

The source said that the difference between the two is very clear: The CLP is a state-owned asset management company, the main task for the responsible subordinates 36 wholly owned subsidiaries, 27 shareholding companies and six foreign holding company of increasing the value; by the Ministry of Information Industry has now been merged into the electronic department, Ministry of Posts and transfiguration from, although they could be from the same pulse, but emphasis Putian styles of integration of resources, highlighting the main industry.

While both belong to the same order of magnitude of the electron from the Department of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, but in some degree, by the Prudential policy support for more. A CLP insider that "if the merger finalized, the largest positive side may be Putian, despite our diversity obvious advantage."

Re-letter sequence to start production

The industry believes that the SAC with the merger decision, the most likely reasons are not entirely state-owned enterprises from the two major issues at the main industry, but more consideration to the entire information industry, the re-allocation of resources.

"On the operation industry and manufacturing restructuring program has passed to submit phase, now in-house stage." CATR an authoritative source said that 2005 is the largest consolidation in the telecommunications industry. Operation industry and electronics manufacturing are the two re-optimization ideas, but compared to operators reorganization, the restructuring of electricity and Putian much easier.

The source told this reporter, the SAC in order to change the distribution of assets and the poor, Business of competition pattern of unreasonable and excessive integration of the three status of the phenomenon, co-ordination in the policy can not be based on only through the portfolio and complement each other to complete outstanding high-quality business and high-quality business, highlighting the core operating strengths, complete business integration three targets.

Under the guidance of this idea, Business of reorganization already have a clear outline for the outstanding quality corporate and business, China Mobile and China Telecom remained unchanged, two small carriers Railcom and Satcom is relatively easy to solve, left China Unicom and China Netcom is under.

The source said China Unicom's dual-network operation problems, CNC internal management, the background of the complex balance of high, international issues such as color reproduction is the main obstacle to re-operation industry. In addition, as a listed company, but also to safeguard the interests of small shareholders to address the potential relevance to the capital market transactions and to avoid over-speculation during the re-occurrence.

"E-manufacturing, and operations are somewhat similar, but more important is the main industry is facing the manufacturing sector is not prominent, structural contradictions and conflict, the danger strong competitors, production capacity combined with internal friction can be avoided."

"The Business of the importance of the inevitable adjustment in the manufacturing industry before." The source said, this is a typical electronic manufacturing two - in combined electric and Putian important reason for delays in progress.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Printing Machinery "pioneers", "English Education" story

In April 2005 as a mid-spring sunny Friday afternoon, a small size, the decoration simple but very clean office, a young man dressed in casual wear, furrowed brow, a moment to sit down, while another station up in the office paced. This is very competent and young people up who he is? Why did he so anxious? He seems to be waiting for the arrival of Who?

He is the national large-scale printing machinery manufacturer - Henry Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. Beijing Chen Feng, general manager of rock. Henry Chen is in Beijing well-known "high-tech enterprise", is famous printing machinery manufacturer, mainly produce for the outside carton packaging printing machines and sheet-fed gravure printing outside the flexible sheet-fed (polishing) machine. Chen Henry company not only has strong technical force and advanced manufacturing technology, also has the perfect after-sales service system, among major cities across the country, with sales and service maintenance outlets.

As a nationally recognized leader in large traditional manufacturing companies, how will such a vibrant bright spring and then his face was covered with gloom? He was waiting for whom? What he is not pressing things to address right away?

It turned out like this: With the increasingly fierce market competition, rapid development in the Ching Henry, while also experiencing modern enterprise management requirements. With the growing size of enterprise, the traditional management alone can not meet the requirements of enterprise development, it is difficult to achieve enterprise management level, as early as the beginning of 2004, Henry's manager Chen recognized the need to help Advanced management software to improve management level and enhance production efficiency, through careful study of the market first Shangle Tao CRM system to carry out customer relationship management, Dan reality the large amounts of interoperability within the enterprise to the slow processing, fast response Bugou Deng Neibu process management mechanism of the shortage, but it is powerless and can not be solved CRM, after analysis, as traditional companies, employees in the knowledge structure, age structure and the differences in computer penetration is high, particularly widespread computer applications Comparing the level of the weak phenomenon. CRM systems can not resolve this fundamental issue of corporate governance and management of the overall problem of reality, Chen began to re-examine Henry, decided to start from the management infrastructure, through the application of OA system, renovating, "love" CRM's Henry Chen began "faithless" the.

A knock rang, Feng Yan guests arrived, and he is the only one with national influence in collaborative product manufacturer's sales representative UF Zhiyuan. UF Zhi Yuan is China's largest management software, ERP software and financial software vendors UF's professional collaboration software products company, has been working with "product-based" approach to provide customers with the scale, standardization of collaborative product services and through the application of collaborative management to achieve synergy value.

Zhi Yuan Feng total sales representative to recommend a set of collaborative management system software UFIDA Zhiyuan, this is the only product of a highly standardized collaborative software, customers not only through constant upgrades to continue to enjoy the standard of service while the application is also free from the shackles of traditional OA directly up to the collaborative management, the traditional industrial enterprises, especially manufacturing industry, many customers are already successful application of proof of this.

After a half-day detail, presentation, analysis and verification, to be prudent, Chen Henry's leadership decided to try to pass a more comprehensive understanding of UF Zhiyuan collaborative management software.

Later, after 5 days of installation, commissioning, training, deployment and initialization, running into the line, Henry Chen for all employees have a set of their own, can easily master and flexible use of office software was very pleased excited. After a month of trial, Henry Chen is typical of this traditional quality characteristics of state-owned enterprise corporate human resources at an alarming rate even gradually develop a new type of cooperative management practices: building fewer people in the shuttle, the noise becomes quiet , the complex becomes structured, process has become smoother, the permissions become clear. After work, we will report a first collaboration to: look up the company announced the latest column dynamics and the day of work plans; see if there is a new collaboration to deal with; see if there are new messages; to archive documents have been processed; led a mission does not matter, you can remotely approval; through the interconnected system into CRM customer management system, to know our customers circumstances. Of course this is only part of collaborative management system. Do not need to leave the comfortable office chair, with one click of the mouse, all went ahead, organized! Collaborative management system is quietly changing the habits of office Henry Chen, Office of the corridor will be heard from time to time the "Popular": "Feng total, the file I give you the synergy," "you put the case coordination thing to me "... ...

Probation, Zhen Yan Feng, general manager Henry, recognized that: a traditional industrial enterprises must recognize that the road construction in the information actually is full of a variety of risks, a phased development of information technology, can not "stop-gap", first lay a solid management foundation from the start. Market, there have been similar to the UF Zhiyuan collaborative management standard products such as collaborative OA, collaborative product development of OA of the application functionality is based on advanced business management theory and management of enterprises of different types of cases on the basis of abstract out of, combined with the practical application of continuous improvement, with mature, stable performance, not only can avoid the risk of the project, has speeded up the implementation of speed to quickly see the benefits, and the largest value of the enterprise is able to quickly lay a computer work, work with cultural practices. On this basis, then further to the development and implementation of CRM, ERP, etc. which is more professional, more complex and more risky business software, is undoubtedly part of eliminating and reducing risk, such experience should be perceived by the traditional industry.

Common understanding and goals so that Henry and UF Zhiyuan Chen came together, their "marriage", and this is undoubtedly a good news!

We have reason to believe that: Ching Henry left a message after the construction of detours, from the beginning, starting with the day to day business aspects of office management, rationalize the basis for management, coordination of office management thought reform, promotion, integrated enterprise resource so that the information within the enterprise can fully, and share a high degree of unity, which enhance the operation of enterprises for Chen Henry competitiveness and market responsiveness, to participate in international competition, to meet the challenges of WTO undoubtedly laid the most solid management foundation!

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

jusched.exe What process? How to disable?

jusched.exe What is the process? how to disable?

Many people close to open the task bar manager of a process or look in the end what is taking up a huge system resources will find a file named "jusched.exe" process, but in that it takes a lot of resources but also hesitant , and why this process is used in the end? energy can not just end?

In fact, jusched.exe is a process related to Java, Java whenever an update is detected, this process will appear in the task bar manager process list, but the good news generally only checked once a month, but the problem is This process will take up much CPU and memory, often causing the machine very card.

In fact, if you want to disable is also very simple, open Control Panel - Additional Options-Java-Update - uncheck "Automatically detect updates" button. But if learning Java or need to be updated, it can be regularly updated with the scheduled tasks, as long as other less frequently on the line.

* Start Menu - Search Task Scheduler

* Add Scheduled Task

* Enter jusched.exe

* Path should be the C: Program FilesJavajre1.6.0_01binjucheck.exe

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