Thursday, September 16, 2010

jusched.exe What process? How to disable?

jusched.exe What is the process? how to disable?

Many people close to open the task bar manager of a process or look in the end what is taking up a huge system resources will find a file named "jusched.exe" process, but in that it takes a lot of resources but also hesitant , and why this process is used in the end? energy can not just end?

In fact, jusched.exe is a process related to Java, Java whenever an update is detected, this process will appear in the task bar manager process list, but the good news generally only checked once a month, but the problem is This process will take up much CPU and memory, often causing the machine very card.

In fact, if you want to disable is also very simple, open Control Panel - Additional Options-Java-Update - uncheck "Automatically detect updates" button. But if learning Java or need to be updated, it can be regularly updated with the scheduled tasks, as long as other less frequently on the line.

* Start Menu - Search Task Scheduler

* Add Scheduled Task

* Enter jusched.exe

* Path should be the C: Program FilesJavajre1.6.0_01binjucheck.exe

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